Engaging students of all ages to explore, develop and learn through music, we encourage people to develop academically, to grow as musicians, and to learn about leadership, self confidence and teamwork, but most of all we have a huge amount of fun!  A programme of education work overseen by VCM sees VOCES8 and Apollo5 work with more than 40,000 young people each year in partnership with Music Hubs, schools and other educational organisations. The education programme provides teacher training, a unique Young Leaders’ programme, residencies within schools and communities in the UK, France, Germany and the USA, as well as regular training and singing celebration events at the Gresham Centre.  Click here to see an example of a typical successful project!

The Results are In!

VCM asked Professor Sue Hallam to evaluate its Young Leader Programmes.

VCM’s Young Leader Programme supports secondary school pupils aged 11 to 19 in learning how to lead a workshop that includes warm-ups, the VOCES8 Method and teaching songs to primary school children.  Professor Susan Hallam MBE is Professor and Dean  of Faculty of Policy and Society at the Institute of Education and Professor of Education and Music Psychology at the Institute of Education, UCL. She is the author of many professional research papers including The Power of Music.

The VCM team helps the participants develop their leadership and teamwork skills as well as their confidence and musical skills. Download the entire report here: VCM Young Leader Evaluation by Professor Susan Hallam

The results of the evaluation were overwhelming positive. Highlights include:

  • 97% indicated that the training was successful in helping them to become a music leader.
  • 94% indicated that the project helped build their confidence.
  • 98% that it had helped to develop their leadership skills.
  • 96% that they enjoyed leading the workshop in the primary school
  • 92% that the impact on leadership and teamwork skills would continue after the project.

The Young Leaders reported that the programme had:

  • enhanced the range and quality of their musical and performance skills;
  • improved their confidence, communication and leadership skills;
  • positively enhanced their musical aspirations with some indicating that they might pursue a musical or teaching career; and
  • increased the likelihood that in the long-term they would engage in more singing and a cappella activities.

Professor Susan Hallam

Dr Susan Hallam is Emerita Professor of Education and Music Psychology at the UCL Institute of Education. She was awarded an MBE in the 2015 new year’s honours list. 

She is the author of numerous books on education and has also published several books in relation to music education and music psychology including  The Power of Music; Music Psychology in Education; and The impact of actively making music on the intellectual, social and personal development of children and young people: A research synthesis.


As co-founder of VOCES8, author of The VOCES8 Method and CEO of the VCM Foundation, Paul Smith has enjoyed more than a decade of work including global travel to prestigious concert venues, schools and universities.

Paul is passionate about the impact singing and the arts can have in the widest possible context - from academic improvement to social skills and building more cohesive communities. He uses that passion to design and deliver unique, inclusive and uplifting performance projects. As an educator and public speaker, Paul has given speeches and created sessions on music and leadership, teamwork, music and creativity, health and wellbeing, and The VOCES8 Method.

Paul is delighted to be an ambassador for Edition Peters, as well as a board member of the 21st Century Musician programme at DePauw University, Indiana, and a trustee for the National Children's Choir of Great Britain. Click here for more information and follow Paul on Twitter @hatchmyideas.


VCM has created and published ‘The VOCES8 Method’, an innovative resource for teachers which encourages whole school music making in a way that links music with literacy, linguistics and numeracy. Based on a research paper from the Institute of Education, The VOCES8 Method exists to have a positive impact on how students learn through music and will better prepare students for their school day and develop key learning skills which will have a conscious and sub-conscious effect on their academic learning process.

There are additional benefits to be gained in the areas of physical and mental health; self-awareness; confidence; teamwork; problem solving, and creative thinking.

The VOCES8 Method has been translated into French and German, has been featured in a number of industry magazines and the national press in the UK and the USA. It has also been the topic of a TEDx talk. The Method is now being used in thousands of schools in nine different countries around the world.  Published by Edition Peters, click here to purchase a copy of the VOCES8 Method book, and for informative videos on how it works, click here

The VOCES8 Method Training Sessions

Led by members of VOCES8, Apollo5 and the VCM team of workshop leaders, either here at the Gresham Centre or at your school.  Contact us for further information.


The Gresham hosts numerous outreach programmes, teacher training events, rehearsal days, recordings and concerts. In 2015 more than 5,000 young people from local schools in Tower Hamlets. Hackney, Newham and beyond enjoyed musical adventures and Young Leader's workshops here and 8,000 people visited here for community workshops, rehearsals, masterclasses or to listen to music. The space is becoming known as a centre for education and performance welcoming both global leaders in classical music and children hearing their first live music in equal measure; excellence and inclusivity stand side by side.

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Education Liaison

Get in touch with Ann Wright our Education Projects Manager, [email protected] to find out more about our  Musical Adventures Programme, Young Leaders Programme, teacher training courses and how to book VOCES8, Apollo5 & Paul Smith to come and sing with your School or Community.  

We are hugely grateful to the many who support our educational outreach, click here to find out all about them.